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Decision Management Analysis Solution (DMAS)

The Decision Management Analysis Solution (DMAS) is an AI-driven software application that can be integrated into any C4ISR or C5ISR platform to drive superior situational understanding. DMAS provides automated key event notifications based upon the commander’s standing and ad hoc priority intelligence requirements.  This capability improves the fusion of operational and intelligence data at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels, a critical component to enhancing organizational decision-making processes. DMAS provides commanders and staffs with the most comprehensive suite of “AI-enabled big data analytics” tools available in the market today to help answer the commander’s PIR. DMAS can ingest any data source (structured, unstructured, or semi-structured to include open source intelligence) and then use its powerful tools to condition the data to identify, extract, isolate, link and associate all data entities and their associated variables. This AI-enabled process results in the creation of a comprehensive Networked Intelligence Warehouse that automatically links all critical entity elements (people, objects, locations, and events). Once the Networked Intelligence Warehouse is created, it sets the conditions to leverage extremely powerful, domain specific AI-engines and data models that automatically assist the operator in the identification of and analysis of threat anomalies and any changes to their patterns and trends. This capability, once mastered, sets the conditions for the operator to leverage the capabilities of DMAS to assist in the development of actionable and predictive intelligence products and assessments.

The DMAS Alert Engine automatically notifies the operator of information that is related to priority intelligence requirements and their associated signatures and indicators. DMAS auto-generated alerts are weighted, scored, and assigned a reliability rating based upon a predetermined set of rules. Once an alert is auto-generated, it is then auto-prioritized. At that point, human operators take over and begin to analyze the information using a set of investigative and analytical tools designed to refine the target. From there, the operator leverages advanced intelligence management tools (request additional collection, conduct data mining, perform various types of Structured Analytical Techniques) to further refine and validate conclusions. Once the operator is satisfied with the assessment, it is sent to be posted to the Common Intelligence Picture. DMAS provides a comprehensive set of industry leading AI technologies, data analytic engines, and user tools to make it easy to conduct large-scale data manipulation and exploration. Finding key nuggets of information that answer the Commander’s PIR, confirm or deny threat courses of action, and automatically produce and disseminate a wide array of intelligence products are important features of DMAS.