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JOINT 360°

The Joint 3600 Battlespace Management Solution provides commanders with a modernized architecture that delivers 360-degree situational awareness and understanding of the Operational Environment. It enables superior decision making at all levels of command by updating, expanding, and extending current command and control systems. The Joint 3600 Battlespace Management Solution helps organizations and leaders discover unique insights into Battlespace Data Complexity that would be lost due to data Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Veracity.



Real-Time Tracking and Event Synchronization

Converts Sensor Measurements into Tracks

Combines Measurements and Tracks into a Single Air Picture

Flexible Sensor Interface Framework

Extensive Library of Existing Sensor Interfaces

Easily Extended to New Formats Without Code Changes

Runs on COTS

Eliminates Proprietary Integration Issues

Expandable to client requirements

Assess, Recommend, Implement and Certify (ARIC)

ISC-I uses a comprehensive ASSESS, RECOMMEND, IMPLEMENT and CERTIFY (ARIC) approach to help identify and resolve our clients’ most challenging problems. Our goal is to build wide-ranging programs that improve personnel and organizational readiness levels across and within all Joint Warfighting Functions and Commercial Business Enterprises

Strategic Planning

To enhance critical decision-making processes, we leverage our extensive national security experience and our teams Subject Matter Expert (SME) talents to conduct mission-oriented strategic consulting and planning services. Our consulting services are designed to help you succeed by applying our 30 years’ plus experience in military and commercial markets. We focus on solving our clients’ most critical issues by helping them shape and implement the solutions that are holding them back from organizational success and growth. The end state is helping the customer better understand the problems they are facing and then in partnership, implement the necessary solutions and decisions to ensure achievability of strategic goals and objectives.